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What does Dr. Garcia address?

  • Anxiety regarding breastfeeding

  • Painful Latch/Difficult Latch

  • Bruised,Cracked, Bleeding Nipples

  • Engorgement/Plugged Ducts

  • Mastitis

  • History of Breast Surgery/Augmentation/Reduction

  • Pumping Advice/How Affect Milk Supply

  • Medications and Breastfeeding

  • Lactation Education For New and Experienced Families

  • Poor Feeds/Slow Weight Gain

  • Fussy/Unsatisfied Baby

  • Breastfeeding An Adopted Baby/Induced Lactation

  • Premature/Late Preterm Babies

  • Returning to Work/Weaning

  • Breastfeeding Twins/Multiples

  • Breastfeeding Reassurance

What I See: The Clinic
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